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Heute, am 12.04.2016 feiern wir in Nepal den Wechsel ins Jahr 2073.  Das neue Jahr beginnt morgen am 1. Bhaisak 2073. Neben diesem „offiziellen“ Neujahr gibt es seitens der verschiedenen ethnischen Volksgruppen noch weitere Neujahrsfeiern. Oftmals auch mit unterschiedlichen Jahresangaben. Somit gibt es eigentlich immer einen Grund zu feiern.

Wir möchten den Jahreswechsel zum Anlass nehmen und die wichtigsten Festival-Daten in Nepal im Jahr 2073/2074 (2016/2017) veröffentlichen. Gleichzeitig  verweisen wir mit einem Link zur Partner-Webseite www.nepal-spirit.de auf die dort publizierte Beschreibung der jeweiligen Festivals.

2016 (2073):

21. Mai: BUDDHA JAYANTI (Buddhas Geburtstag)


04. September : TEEJ

01. Oktober (Ghatasthapana), 08. Oktober (Phulpati), 09. Oktober (Maha Astami), 10. Oktober (Maha Nawami), 11. Oktober (Vijaya Dashami): DASHAIN

30. Oktober (Gai Tihar / Lakshmi Puja), 31. Oktober (Goru Tihar / Godardhan Puja), 01. November (Bhai Tika): TIHAR

2017 (2073 / 2074):


24. Februar: SHIVARATRI (Shivas Geburtstag)

26. Februar: GYALPO LHOSAR


10. Mai: BUDDHA JAYANTI (Buddhas Geburtstag)


24. August: TEEJ

21. September (Ghatasthapana), 27. September (Phulpati), 28. September (Maha Astami), 29. September (Maha Nawami), 30. September (Vijaya Dashami): DASHAIN

19. Oktober (Gai Tihar/Lakshmi Puja), 20. Oktober (Goru Tihar / Godardhan Puja), 21. Okboter (Bhai Tikka): TIHAR

Newsletter No. 15 NAMASKAR NEPAL (English vesion)

27th February, 2016 - Namaskar Nepal - Information / Newsletter No. 15

Today we are presenting you our first Newsletter of 2016 and reporting on a large number of new items. Two weeks ago we returned to Nepal after our one-month stay in Germany.
We have come to realise that our presence at the Reisemesse CMT (Tourist Fair) in Stuttgart in January 2016 was very important. A large number of people want to support Nepal and its population. This is really wonderful. Also during the "CMT-Pressegespräch Nepal" (CMT Press Talks on Nepal), organised by the Honorary Consul in Stuttgart, Ann-Katrin Bauknecht, the visitors were informed of the importance of tourism after the earthquake. Reinhold Messner, who was invited as an honorary guest, spoke about the readiness of the Nepalese to accept their fate. Tourists who now travel through the country would show the population that they are not going to be deterred by what had happened during last year, and would give them a sense of hope.

Our hopes that the border blockade would end after our return have become reality. On 5th February, 2016 the border at Birganj-Raxaul was opened again. Countless lorries with fuel and gas cylinders were able to pass the border posts. Slowly the petrol stations are getting back to normality. There are no more regulations for the amount of petrol sold. Petrol and diesel are now available again at the normal prices. Gas for cooking can also be purchased at the normal price. Sometimes the waiting time for handing it out is still quite long. Nevertheless, the length of the queues outside the petrol stations and gas depots is by no means as long as it was during the previous months. The restaurants no longer have limited menus. The taxi prices have returned to normal.

The visit of Prime Minister Oli on 18th – 24th February, 2016 to India was to strengthen the bilateral relations between Nepal and India. Since the new Constitution came into force in September 2015 and as a result of the subsequent border blockade, these bilateral relations had deteriorated increasingly. In addition to this, however, it was important that the government did not completely forget the negotiations with the Madhesis. Their demands had not yet been mutually settled.
We are able to give positive feedback on our Reconstruction Project in Brabal. For Nepal it is very typical if something takes ages to do and nothing happens. Then, suddenly everything runs automatically.

Last week, Temba was with some of the villagers in Dhunche, the district capital. Thanks to the excellently documented construction dossier and the additional documentation on our "Reconstruction Project in the village of Brabal", we were able to register officially with the Chief District Officer (CDO) and at the same time with the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Office, at its branch in Dhunche. We have now already received the oral approval for commencing the construction of two model houses in Brabal. The necessary building permit must now be applied for at the Ministry of Urban Development and Building Construction in the Parliament Building Singha Durbar in Kathmandu.
Unfortunately we were confronted by a hurdle here. We are unable to use the construction dossier prepared by our Project Team as the basis for the application. Use of the given building plans requires a verification in a separate government decision as regards the professional expert competence and recognition of the persons from Switzerland who drew them up. This process demands an enormous expenditure and has a large unknown factor - the duration.
In order to get over this hurdle, the possibility exists of taking the Model House SMM 1.1 as a basis for applying for the building permit (a 3-room house on one floor with a veranda) in accordance with the Building Code. This model complies more or less with the house shown in our construction dossier. However, there will be a modification with cement mortar and seismic belts of concrete. Should the building sites not be large enough for a house of this size, the dwellers are free to decide on a two-floor house with 2 rooms, in accordance with the Building Code. Finally all the dwellers will receive material, transport and the necessary Nepalese specialists (for stone- breaking work) amounting to the same value, for building the bare structure.
The Building Code can be downloaded under the following link: http://www.dudbc.gov.np/uploads/default/files/0ef9f3598df115407ae9ed4e7bfab24a.pdf

At this point we should like to express our particular thanks once again to our Construction Team from Switzerland. Without their exact, detailed documentation it would not have been possible to register the project at all. In addition, this increased our awareness of the importance of the building components (seismic belts and corner reinforcement) for an earthquake-proof house. The construction dossier serves as the basis for our project. Thank you for your trust in us and your commitment.
Due to the sense of personal responsibility and organisation shown by the villagers, the necessary training course required by the government for earthquake-proof building construction was already completed in January / February 2016. We have been issued trade certificates in the field of bricklaying, carpentry and electrical work. The training course lasted 25 days and was conducted by the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) (German society for international collaboration) in Thulo Shafru. The initiative and the commitment of the villagers show us that they fully support the project and that we are on the right path.
We are also on the right path in the direction of Brabal. The road construction work that stagnated due to the border blockade has already been resumed by the villagers. We expect that the road will be finished at the end of February 2016. Then it will be possible to transport the materials, such as cement and sand, by lorry to Brabal. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the villagers in Brabal and Thulo Shafru this will be real progress. Shortly we shall be aligning the project description of our long-term earthquake relief to the present stage of development and updating it on our website.

Last year the Engineers without borders (EWB) at the Institute of Technology (KIT) of the University of Karlsruhe decided to carry out two projects with us in the village of Brabal. On the one hand, the water supply system is to be renewed and the drinking water supply improved. On the other, the construction of a waste disposal system is planned. Both of these projects that can be adapted in other villages once they have been successfully carried out. Further information on these projects can be found under: www.ewb-karlsruhe.de/projekte/nepal www.ewbkarlsruheinnepal.wordpress.com If anyone should wish to make a donation for supporting these projects they can do so under the following link. The donations are tax deductible. www.betterplace.org/de/projects/37561?utm_campaign=ShortURLs&utm_medium=project_37561&utm_source=PlainShortURL#galleryclosed

Information and exact project descriptions on the two projects mentioned above are similarly provided short term on our website. The first students will be arriving at the end of March /beginning of April 2016 to begin their work on the water project.
In mid February 2016 the donation receipts were sent out by the German Nepalese Help Association (Deutsch-Nepalischen Hilfsgemeinschaft e.V., Stuttgart (DNH)) for the Sunaulo Earthquake Relief. Should anyone not have received their receipt, please kindly let us know. We should like to point out that donations of up to EUR 200.00 can be submitted to the Tax Office without an official donation receipt, using the deposit receipt of the money transfer. Donations of over EUR 200,00 have to be confirmed by a donation receipt made out by the recipient of the donation. We should like to express our sincere thanks for the support and effort shown by the DNH Office and the DNH board members.


Rundbrief No. 15 - Namaskar Nepal vom 27.02.2016


Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei allen Gästen, Reisenden, Nepal-Interessierten, Spendern, Volontären, Helfern, Mitarbeitern und Geschäftspartnern für die Unterstützung, die schönen Begegnungen und Kontakte sowie für das in uns und unser Trekking-Unternehmen sowie unsere Hilfsorganisation entgegengebrachte Vertrauen bedanken. 

Wir wünschen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2016. Möge das neue Jahr viel Positives und gute Bewegung nach Nepal bringen.


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We should like to thank all our guests, travellers, Nepal friends, donators, voluntary workers, helpers, assistants and business partners for their support, the pleasant meetings and contacts, and also for the trust that has been put both in us and our trekking organisation, as well as our relief organisation. 

We wish you all the best for the coming NEW YEAR 2016. May the New Year bring happiness, peace and positive movment to Nepal.


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HIMALAYA - wo die Götter wohnen ...

... und viele Menschen unter Plastikplanen und Wellblech.

Erlebnisbericht vom 21.12.2015 



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