Rundbrief No. 8 Namaskar Nepal vom 10.06.2015

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Update 26th of May, 2015 in English

Update: 26th May, 2015 – Kathmandu / Nepal

Collection and receipt of the plastic tarpaulins

Today we were really lucky when we picked up the plastic tarpaulins from the Würth company. Everything was carried out in next to no time, and in 3 hours we were finished. As we already had all our documents at hand, we were able to go directly through to the courtyard and identify our goods. The three pallets had been placed directly at the entrance, so we could not miss them. After having our papers checked again and the consignment note number on the goods verified with the documents, we were able to load the plastics tarpaulins and take them with us.

It was absolutely amazing to see all these different aid supplies stored at this Air Cargo base. Some of these goods were only packed in cardboard boxes; they had already been soaked in the rain and were almost falling apart. And there were cases and bags with content that had not been marked at all. One cardboard box that had already been ripped open anyway, even had pearl beads in for making chains with - as if these would be crucial for survival in such a disaster.

In order not to be so rushed, we have put our trip to the Langtang region off until Thursday. This enables us to have tomorrow free for making our preparations and doing any shopping. Tomorrow we shall be handing over 20 plastic tarpaulins both to our trekking and climbing guide, Mingmar Sherpa, and our porter, Pemba Gelu Sherpa for their home villages in the districts of Okhaldunga and Solukhumbu. These plastic tarpaulins will be flown to Phaplu by plane. From there it will take 1 - 2 days on foot to reach their villages. The houses in this region were not destroyed until the second earthquake occurred on 12.05.2015.


Sabine Pretsch & Temba Gyalbo Tamang


Erfolgreiche Abholung

Update " Erfolgreiche Abholung vom 26.05.2015":


Newsletter No. 7 "Earthquake in Nepal" - English version

25th May, 2015 - Newsletter No. 7, "Earthquake in Nepal"

First impressions of Kathmandu – collecting our shipment of relief supplies

25th April, 2015 – exactly one month ago – was a day that changed everything.

Large regions of Nepal were devastated and thousands of people lost their lives. Millions of people have lost their homes.

Now I have been back again in my Nepalese homeland for 2 days. During the last fews days before my flight a great deal of preparation work had to be done. And whilst I was doing all the shopping in the town centre in Düsseldorf, I noticed the wonderfully decorated shop windows, the flowers, and exclusive goods of the best quality. I had never really been aware of them before. Normally I rush past these places, because they simply do not interest me. The trees with their luscious green leaves, in the lush green grass, were also a true treat to the eyes and soul. Once again I really consciously absorbed all the beautiful things that surround us here in Germany. I hope that in this way I shall be able to keep my inner balance. Had these two worlds that I live in already been so extremely contrary before the disaster happened?

This time my arrival in Nepal was quite different. I was already able to see numerous brightly coloured plastic tarpaulins out of the plane window during our approach before landing in Kathmandu. At the first onset, the huge devastation of the houses could not be fully recognised from outside. It was a strange feeling setting my feet on the ground, knowing that it had been quaking so extremely here just a short while ago.

At the entry point everything ran swifter than ever before. There were perhaps 10 to 15 "foreigners" applying for a visa. I did not have to wait very long for my luggage and 30 minutes after landing I was thus able to push my trolley to the airport building. Temba was already waiting for me and it was great to see each other again.

The difference in temperature to that in Germany was also great! 35°C and 85% humidity awaited me. The typical chaotic traffic in Kathmandu also greeted me with blaring horns. On the way from the airport to Lazimpat (district in the north of Kathmandu) I was unable to see any devastated houses or places. A wall of the former King's Palace Narayanhiti had collapsed but otherwise there still seemed to be a lot intact. According to the reports in the media, 90% of Kathmandu was said to have been destroyed. My first impression was somewhat different.

Apparently there have already been several aftershocks since my arrival, with a magnitude of 4 and 5. However, I did not notice anything, nor do I now. Nevertheless, in the remote areas a large number of landslides have been triggered by renewed aftershocks. In the Annapurna region between Beni and Tatopani, a landslide dammed the Kaligandaki River. But after 6 hours, the fear of a huge flood wave could be ruled out.

On Saturday, we set off to collect the 126 plastic tarpaulins that we had bought from Metro, and the 8 containers filled with tents, blankets, sleeping bags and insulation mats, from Sigrid and Walter. What a good thing that Temba had already applied for, and been issued the documents for the duty-free collection at the Social Welfare Council (Registration Office for national and international relief organisations in Nepal) a few days beforehand.

Despite presenting all the papers, there were a few officers and helpers who wanted to earn something on the side through our cargo dispatch of relief supplies. But they did not manage this with Temba.

After 3 hours of running backwards and forwards, and identifying the deliveries, we were at last able to drive into the cargo customs clearance with our small lorry. In next to no time we had loaded everything. And our documents were then examined at another control point. At last - we had managed everything.

In order to put our goods in a safe place in temporary storage we were allowed to use the storage facility/office rooms of our transport company, Milan Transport. Since these rooms are occupied day and night we were sure that our relief goods would not "run away".  

After this operation we set off to Thamel (tourist area) to enjoy our well-earned dinner. The roads looked really deserted, but in this area there were hardly any houses that had collapsed, or suffered any destruction or damage. The typical souvenir and trekking shops and restaurants are open. In the Gaia Restaurant we were able to enjoy our food and drink, as always. We quickly managed to find a taxi for the return drive back to Lazimpat.

Today, we also set off with Kedar from the German Nepalese Help Association (Deutsch-Nepalische Hilfsgemeinschaft (DNH)), to collect the other relief deliveries from Air Cargo Kathmandu. We wanted to take receipt of the 170 tarpaulins donated by the Würth company. Since the collection had run so quickly yesterday, we were already looking forward to the relief goods being quickly cleared and handed over. But since we are in Nepal, this was unfortunately not the case. In the morning we were sent, with all our documents, from the Air Cargo building to the InternationalAirport. Apparently the cargo delivery from Turkish Airways was still supposed to be there. Even after searching for 6 hours, comparing, and identifying everything, we were unable to find the delivery. Either the goods had already been at the Air Cargo Centre in the morning, or whilst we were on our way to the InternationalAirport they were being brought from there to the Air Cargo Centre. We shall make a second attempt early tomorrow morning and I hope we shall be able to collect the tarpaulins.

We should like to take this opportunity now of thanking Jörg most sincerely for his commitment and all the organization work. We are extremely happy about the donation of the tarpaulins, including the transport from Germany to Kathmandu. A big thank you also goes to the GNHA for the formal handling. 70 tarpaulins are to be used for setting up provisional "classrooms" for the schools that are supported by the GNHA. We shall be taking 100 tarpaulins with us to the Langtang region.

We would also like to mention that we received a generous donation at our Nepal Bazaar, which Helga had collected within her circle of friends and acquaintances. Georg, Monika, Martina, Markus and Mario are also collecting donations for our projects within their circle of friends. Beatrix and Peter could even be seen on the MDR TV Talkshow, "Unter uns" (Between you and me). You are able to watch the programme under the following link after the first 15 minutes:  


At this point we should like to thank everyone who has given us such tremendous support. Our thanks go to everyone, of course, and also to the many others who are supporting us in the background. It is simply fantastic and absolutely overwhelming. OUR HEARTFELT THANKS!!

We are now in the process of uploading a few videos (e.g. Kyangjin Gompa after the earthquake, helicopter evacuation in Kyangjin Gompa and distribution of aid in Gre), which our team members have made available to us, in our YouTube channel "BergSherpa".


If everything runs as planned, we would like to set off on Wednesday to the Langtang region. We sincerely hope that the tarpaulin collection and the monsoon rain will not cause our plans to fall through.


Temba & Sabine


Rundbrief "Erdbeben in Nepal" vom 25.5.2015

Hier ist der Link zum Siebten Rundbrief "Erdbeben in Nepal":



Newsletter No. 6 "Earthquake in Nepal" - English version

Newsletter in English - here it is:

17th May, 2015 - Newsletter No. 6, "Earthquake in Nepal"

"It’s hope that lets us live on."
- Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe -

Last week on, 12.05.2015 there was another earthquake in Nepal with a magnitude of 7.2. This time the epicentre was east of Kathmandu, near Namche Bazzar. The country and its people just aren't allowed to live in peace. As if they hadn't already been shaken enough by the disaster already! Many of the people whose houses had been slightly damaged by the first earthquake, now had to see how everything collapsed.

The houses of our trekking and climbing guide, Mingmar, and our Sherpa, Pemba Gelu, who both come from Okhaldunga in the Sagarmatha (Everest) District, are now also badly damaged and destroyed. And in the meantime, the houses of all our guides and porters have been badly damaged and are no longer habitable.

And the quakes are still going on. How must it feel to have lost everything? And what must it feel like, not to have a safe place anywhere to sleep? What must it feel like, flinching every time at the slightest tremor? In the times and circumstances we live in, I do not think we have the remotest idea of what this must be like. When I phoned Janine and Günter, they both said that they are scared stiff whenever they hear a loud noise and want to run out into the street, and that they wake up in the night drenched in sweat.

We have absolutely no idea what this mental shock must be like.

All the open spaces in Kathmandu and in all the other regions are covered by tents, both large and small, and also with plastic tarpaulins. Everyone sleeps outside. They do not dare to go back into their homes at night for fear of another severe earthquake.  

Despite all this suffering, we are able to report some happy and encouraging incidents.

Last Sunday, the trucks that were loaded with aid supplies, set off on their way to the LangtangValley in the district of Rasua.

Temba and our team were able to distribute the goods in twelve villages (Thulo Bharku, Sano Bharku, Brabal, Old Shafru Bensi, New Shafru Bensi, Komin, Upper Thulo Shafru, Lower Thulo Shafru, Nagarkoti, Upper Gre, Lower Gre and Shjo). The gratitude and happiness shown by the dwellers was tremendous. The impressions given in the photos, speak for themselves.

In the meantime, we have been able to organise the purchase of plastic tarpaulins and their dispatch to Kathmandu via air freight. We have bought 126 plastic tarpaulins (size 6 m x 8 m) at the "Metro" in Düsseldorf. What a blessing that these just happened to be reduced there at the time, and that Sigrid and Walter told us about them. With her delightful nature, Minka was able to persuade  the Metro works manager to take over the transport to Frankfurt for the two pallets. Thanks to Mrs. Usch's Metro card, the purchase could be carried out without any problem within fifteen minutes.

The dispatch by Qatar Airways will be handled by a forwarding agency in Hamburg. Many thanks, Carmen and Martin for this contact. The goods will be arriving in Kathmandu on 24th May, 2015. We shall be collecting these together with the dispatch of fleece blankets, tents and other plastic tarpaulins organised by Sigrid and Walter, that will already have arrived a little earlier in Kathmandu.

When so many people work together and support each other, it builds up strength and courage. Without all the donations and encouraging words, the good thoughts and our fantastic network, we would not be able to afford and organise all this. Many thanks.

A special thankyou goes to two young boys (both 13 years old) who travelled to Nepal last year with their families and our agency. Adrian collected donations in the pedestrian zone for his friend Anup in Nepal (our city guide), by demonstrating his talent at juggling. David also gave a presentation in the shopping mall, by playing his cello for our project, “Sunaulo Earthquake Appeal”. We are very touched by these wonderful commitments.

Our Nepal Basar which we held last Thursday and Friday also brought some Nepal flair to Düsseldorf. Lentil soup (dal), tomato dip (golbedako ajar), papadam (crispy lentil bread) and momos (pasta dumplings with filling) all contributed towards an enjoyable get-together. May you all have a lot of enjoyment from the favourite items from Nepal that you bought here. We are also tremendously happy about the proceeds and donations that will flow directly to our Sunaulo Earthquake Appeal Fund and which I shall be taking with me this coming Friday.

In order for you to discover the Nepalese cuisine, we should like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our cookery book, "Cooking the Nepalese way - recipes from the roof of the world." This small book was published last year and is available as an E-book. The proceeds go to our Relief Organisation, Sunaulo Sansar.


During my stay in Nepal from 22.05. to 14.06.2015 it will not be possible to write and send any updated Newsletters. If the power supply and the mobile phone network allow it, we shall certainly be posting some photos.


Temba & Sabine