Kanchenjunga Range from Pashupatinagar

Makalu & Kanchenjunga Region

Makalu RegionMakalu and Kanchenjunga both the regions are located in the Eastern Nepal. Both these regions have derived their name from the highest mountains in the Eastern Nepal, Makalu 8,475m and Kanchenjunga 8,598m (both 8 thousanders) of which the latter is the third highest mountain in the world.


This is one of the most remote and unfrequented trekking areas of Nepal. This region is the home to Makalu Barun National Park which was established in 1992 as Nepal's eight national park. 


Kanchenjunga RegionThis region was opened for trekkers in 1998 only but lots of mountaineering groups were already accessing this route for their attempt to summit the third highest mountain. This region is largely inhabited by Rai and Limbu who are known to be very friendly people. 


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