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Potala Palace, Lhasa
Yamdruk Tso Lake
Gyantse Village
Manasarovar Lake
Kailash round way to Diraphuk
Mount Kailash view from Tatapuri
Guge Kingdom

Tibet: The Roof of the World

Tibet cuddled by the Herculean Himalayas on the highest plateau of the world, has volumes to echo regarding its miraculous possessions. Located with pride at an average altitude of 3,650 m, Lhasa the capital city surpasses all its neighbors from its beauty point of view.

A trip into the mysterious Tibet is often a life‘s dream that like to become completed. The incredible width and the spirituality of this country have attracted many pilgrims, researchers and adventurers already for decades.  

Tibetans are deeply religious people who believe in the Tibetan Buddhism and keep the Buddhist ceremonies and traditions very stringently.  The Buddhism stretches through the entire country with numerous monasteries, temples, prayer stones and prayer flags.  The Tibetan population with their openness, tolerance and kindness are very charming people.  

The holy mountain Kailash in west Tibet has attracted many pilgrims and adventurer for primeval times. For Hindus, Buddhists and Jainas the Kailash represents the center of the universal Mandala. Mount Kailash is their "world mountain" and the centre of the cosmos.  Such an expedition offers deep insights into the original Tibetan culture and wonderful nature and landscape experiences.


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